Partial Knee Replacement

Video showing recovery at day 12.

Resurfacing of the worn surface of the knee

The rest of the knee is preserved

Day case proceedure

Pain relief form arthritis pain

Restores normal motion

Allows return to activities.

Modern design of Implants (DePuy Sigma 

Geometry derived from CT scans of a group of patients

Restores (bowing) of the leg to original alignment of the limb                            

Common: The inside of the knee is the commonest area to wear. 

Half a knee?

Indeed, the knee very much splits in to 2 halves with the front being an addition section where the knee cap functions, giving a total of 3 sections or compartments - hence the term "unicompartmental".

Pain: Typically pain is felt just below the knee at the very top of the shin bone. Pain is worse the more one walks on the ke. Generally it is comfortable during sleep although movement during sleep can cause one to wake. Pain is a knawing type pain. Generally it starts gradually.

Who gets medial wear ? Any of the four below are key risk factors

1. Bowed or bandy legs

2. The overweight (Bodymass index>25)

3. Previous "cartilage"  operation. Removal of part or all of the inner cartilage (medial meniscus) predisposes to later wear of the inner side of the knee.

4. External rotation of the thigh bone (if you look down and turn your feet out and can get to the 9 and 3 O'clock position it is a good sign that the thigh bone has an external rotation bias. (this preferentially loads the inner side of the knee).

Benefits of Partial Knee Resurfacing 

Only replaces 1/3rd of your knee leaving the other good 2/3rd alone

Preserves all your knee ligaments

Minimally Invasive Technique

Revovery 3x as fast as standard Total Knee Replacement.

High Knee Flexion is typical

For Young patients it can be regarded as a pre-knee replacement - it is straigtforward to change to a Total knee Replacement later if required.

The Australians term it a "re-tread"

Operation takes approximately 45 minutes.

Is a day case operation. Patients ypically leave the hospital 3-4 hours after surgery

Full weight bearing.

Video of a patient at 6 weeks and then two patients following Medial Knee Resurfacing just getting ready to go home following Surgery in the morning.


1 in 3 people with painful knee arthritis are suitable for the partial knee replacement instead of the traditional total knee replacement. 

Minimally Invasive 'Keyhole' surgery.

The advantages of the minimally invasive approach are:

Your recovery is twice as quick compared to the traditional open approach:

Your scar is only about 3 inches long.